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Persons With Disability (PWD) Committee

At the Internal Consultations hosted by the CCJ Committee for Improving Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities 22 February 2024, the Chairman of CAL made formal remarks, representing the CCJ President. At the Consultations CAL was invited to collaborate with the Committee in elaborating a policy on Persons with Disabilities. The Chairman suggested that a ‘low hanging fruit” could well be the use of a language interpreter in judgment delivery to provide sign language for the hearing impaired. He suggested the objective meeting this goal at the delivery of the judgment on 19 March 2024. CAL met and commissioned a survey of sign language experts in the various jurisdictions of the region. CAL also had discussions with the IT Department of the Court regarding how the technical aspects of the process including how the participants

appearing on screen could be pinned. The deliverable was achieved with the use of a sign language interpreter at judgment delivery of Maurice Arjoon v NBS on 19 March 2024.