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Eminent Caribbean Jurist Series + Book Launch 2019: Honouring Eminent Caribbean International Law Jurists

The Academy’s workplan for 2019 includes the inauguration of its Eminent Caribbean Jurists Project. This year the Academy will host and honour Eminent Caribbean International Law Jurists.

The International Court of Justice, which has its seat in The Hague,
is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations

Eminent Caribbean Jurist Series 2019: Special Event Honouring Eminent Caribbean International Law Jurists + Book Launch: EMINENT CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL LAW JURISTS: THE RULE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW IN THE CARIBBEAN


Location: Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Time: To Be Confirmed | Date: 7th and 8th October 2019

Please contact the Ms Susan Medina of the CCJ Academy to request an invitation:

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This proposal supports the Eminent Caribbean Jurists Series. The intention of the Series is to recognize and honour the contribution of Caribbean Jurists to the international law and thus to educate and inspire the new generation of young lawyers. The first undertaking is to honour those jurists who have contributed to the progressive development of International Law and to the adherence of the Caribbean Community to the rule of International Law.

The CCJ Academy for Law (The Academy) was incorporated, among other things:

“To promote the recognition of judges and other legal practitioners who have made a consequential and lasting contribution to the Caribbean jurisprudence, and to memorialize that contribution.”  

The occasion to mark the lasting contribution of Eminent Caribbean Jurists International Law Jurists has several components. Eighteen jurists (some deceased) are mentioned but the prime intention is to showcase five of the most outstanding honourees will be publicly recognized and celebrated by the life-time awards: Sir Shridath Ramphal, (Commonwealth of Nations and Caribbean Community); His Excellency Judge Patrick Robinson, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Attorney-General’s Chambers, Jamaica; International Court of Justice); His Excellency Judge Anthony Lucky, (Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago; International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea); Ambassador Dr Bertrand Ramcharan, (University of Guyana; United Nations Refugee Office); and Professor Justice Duke Pollard, (University of Guyana; Caribbean Court of Justice).

The event will also be the occasion for launching a book containing samples of the work of these jurists: Eminent Caribbean International Law Jurists: The Rule of International Law in the Caribbean. The book will provide a lasting resource to which recourse may be had and which will add value to the work of legal practitioners. It charts the evolution of Caribbean International Law and its impact is likely to be felt beyond the corridors of courts or law schools to the general public and will deepen the understanding of the culture of international law justice.

There will be a distinguished lecture by one of the outstanding nominees to an audience of policy makers, legal professionals, law students and others. His Excellency Judge Patrick Robinson of the International Court of Justice will present on the topic: “Independence is a Right, not a Gift: Lessons from Resolution 1514 and the Chagos Advisory Opinion” to an audience of regional government officials and policy-makers, judicial officers, legal professionals, law students and many others.

We expect the event to achieve its purpose to recognize and celebrate the contribution to International Law of distinguished Caribbean Jurists and to memorialize that contribution in a permanent way.

Please join us. The event is free of cost but attendees require an invitation.

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